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Reading Time: 5 mins April, 20 , 2020

Marketing is like a gym membership for your business, the more you do it the better it gets over time, and to gauge short-term results, is not comparative to what a consistent, long-term outcome will bring to your business.
Its not about getting 1 flyer, 1 ad, and one iteration of your marketing to work, instead it is a continuous and consistent effort that will yield exponential returns on your investment over time. Success doesn’t demand a price, every step forward pays a dividend. This is a basic quality in order to realize real profit.

Representation of iterations improving over time, and yielding better results.

In this long term game, impatience is your biggest mistake and your worst enemy. Just like when you start going to the gym and expect to see results within 1 or 2 weeks. The reality of the situation is that it must be a lifestyle, not a one time effort. Remember long term game, long term results!

Successful implementation of your business’s marketing initiatives in this aspect will, make it so that gradually this is the bill that pays all your other bills. So remember, that a strong and healthy business needs a constant “workout” to achieve better/“healthier” results and through this you will have a pro-active solution that is constantly helping your business grow.

Another way to look at this…when you purchase, a vehicle the moment it leaves the dealership, it begins to de-value, however the opposite is the truth for marketing. The moment you engage in constant marketing, during your business's lifetime, it will increase the value of your business, many times over.

Lost value vs strategic investment that generates value.

Marketing plays an undeniable advantage for big brands such as, Coca Cola, Macdonalds, Ford, Apple, Timhortons, GoodLife Fitness and Microsoft (just to name a few), you can be sure that marketing is essential to their success arsenal, and they never second guess it. Therefore this is the best way to optimize your business branding, longevity, and success, and go to the next level. Can you afford not to get started?

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